Been Listening

To Marcy Howard

Some, are saying, you must, move on,
Even more, say just, let go,
They say, accept it, for what it is,
Yet, they, don’t even know,
What, you really, mean, to me,
Or why I hold on, so tight,
They can’t say, how I feel,
As, I miss you, every night.
Things, were done, in angers, intent,
To push, each other, away,
While, all we do, is punish, ourselves,
For, not knowing, what to say,
Wrongs, won’t make, something right,
And tear drops, do not lie,
In, your heart, you already know,
This emotion will not die.
Though I’m told, I should, give up,
In you, I’ll always, believe,
Add, to that, what, we found,
I know, its you, I need,
So giving up, will not, occur,
Neither, will giving in,
You see, I know, you hold on too,
To all, that is, and has been!
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