Believe's Explanation

To Marcy Howard

There’s no need for explanation,
And there’s no need to pretend,
What you say isn’t hurting me,
Because what we found I will defend.
There can be a pretty bow,
Wrapped around half truths,
And if you try to make it real,
Its somehow tied to your youth.
At first glance you might think,
I’ve given up and walked away,
I’m just waiting patiently,
For you to mean what you say.
Is it such a scary thing,
To pretend it doesn’t exist,
Ad you say you forgot
But words show you resist..
You say that you are happier,
But I know that’s not true,
Just the fact, you still pretend,
Shows, I mean something to you.
I am in love with you,
And its only you I need,
All, is still possible,
If only, you believe!
      I know you feel it still.



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