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Bet Yourself

To Marcy Howard

As you pretend you’re happy;being someone else’s toy,
Guess it is a good thing;if that’s what you enjoy,
Love, hate, sex and pain;a recent Godsmack song,
And in this case of deja vu;both of us were wrong.
You’re surrounded by the remnants;of the life we had,
As the proof is in the pictures;in those eyes that now hold sad,
I was willing to bet it all;that you were being real,
And as I look at all we lost;I wonder how you feel.
You said that you were leaving;because of things untrue,
When all the while it was a role;the reasons all were you,
I have to consider it was a game;that you were doing it for him,
Yet I still have belief in you;I can’t accept a thought so grim.
I see through all the smoke and fire;and I know you’re just like me,
Love and hate are a fine line;while sex and pain are not free,
And if you are another’s puppet;you, will never see,
That what we found together;is and always will be.
Love, Hate, Sex and pain;Godsmack has it right,
Which of these do you live;in the middle of the night,
And as you tell yourself the lie;it was all easy to forget,
Look into your mirror;at the smile that you’ve bet.
        Only you!!!!



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