Calling Steps


I’ve walked down so many streets,
That it’s hard to remember them all,
Through all the pairs of worn out shoes,
And the days I can’t recall,
Dreams sought after over all those miles,
With reluctance every day,
Searching for that place called home,
Where the heart would like to stay.
It’s like walking in a tunnel,
In the distance a point of light,
That seems so hard to reach for,
Was I lost inside the night,
Every step takes us somewhere,
Whether we want or not to go,
A part of the search for happiness,
That leaves no room to grow.
One thing’s very noticeable,
The fact on these journeys I was alone,
But love and emotions showed me,
That each step made loneliness grow,
Alone can be the way we travel,
Yet it leaves us far from full,
As an overwhelming hunger,
Now exerts it’s pull.
Which direction should our steps take us,
And in that direction are we alive,
Is it something somewhere in the heart,
Or does someone else decide,
Two steps forward and three steps back,
Is there any progress at all,
As all the things I thought I gained,
Just contribute to the fall.
Though I walked a lonely path,
Can someone take the time to see,
That there’s more than what meets the eye,
Who did you think I’d be,
People think their thoughts out loud,
Yet very few of them are true,
Because if you take the time to notice,
I only feel love towards you.
People think they know who I am,
But they only know what I allow,
Yet as a whole they think assumptions,
And their opinions are me somehow,
The steps I take are calculated,
They take me towards what I feel,
And the very fact that I’m still stepping,
Just proves that love is real.

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