To Marcy Howard

A candle burns with its flickering flame,
A testament of will,
Can it burn at both ends,
In the wind, does it burn still,
The wind may blow its hardest,
But the flame just flickers on,
It lives inside a broken heart,
And it lives inside a song.
Tears can not extinguish this candle,
With their flow, the flames increase,
Just as while we live and breathe,
Our beating hearts will not cease,
No matter of the wind or rain,
No matter how near or far,
We lit this candle together,
And its pinned upon a star.
This candle that we ignited,
Burns in both our hearts,
Its flame shines in both our eyes,
Each morning our days start,
So close your eyes for me tonight,
Hear my whisper and see the flame,
And as you see the flickering fire,
I whisper Marcy, my hearts name.
      Only you!!!



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