Dark of Night

to Marcy Howard

As the day, is lost, to dark, the change, mirrors, your soul,
While, the darkness, engulfs you, and deepens, the growing hole,
Yet, in the darkness, can be comfort;the glare of lights, is gone,
And all, those skeletons, deep inside, are come along.
As the darkness, beckons, will you, heed, it’s call,
Or will you, hide in a corner, trying to forget, it all,
Darkness, doesn’t take, your seeing, it only takes, the light,
Desires and dreams, are your sight, throughout, the dark of night.
We all, can summon darkness, just close your eyes,
Give up, all those skeletons, in the darkness, as they hide,
Let the darkness, be your friend, show you, where to go,
Then maybe, with, the coming light, love, will be allowed, to grow.
In the darkness, is no judgement, without the light, you may not see,
The darkness, only takes the light, would you be, the light for me,
Don’t let, the past, condemn, you, embrace, your inner light,
Let your smile, light your way, and brighten, the dark of night,
No matter, the depth, of darkness, love, will brighten, the gloom,
And that, inner light, you have, will chase’s doom,
The darkness, holds the answers, because you feel, that inner light,
But, the love, that we have found, is not lost, in the dark of night.



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