Destination’s Door


There are places that we go,
If only in our minds,
A place to which we’re transported,
And by our dreams then defined,
We might protest about the destination,
When we arrive where we didn’t want,
Wrapped in a blanket of our desires,
In those places that our dreams haunt.
There are destinations that we seek,
With no knowledge if we’ll ever arrive,
Yet they can hold such importance,
That they’re all that keeps us alive,
There are even points in time,
When the ticket holds a high price,
And that place we think we want to go,
Is nothing more than a roll of the dice.
Years ago when I looked ahead,
My destination was easier to see,
And through the years I’ve grown to believe,
That destination is inside of me,
It might seem strange in some sort of way,
To travel somewhere but never leave,
Though we are products of our environment,
What’s inside is never deceived.
Our destination can be a point in time,
Or can be a physical place,
It can be a place we’ve already been,
Or that place we’ll always chase,
There are places that are fantasies,
Our Edens that don’t exist,
Yet living inside all we dream,
It’s a place that still persists.
If our destination is a place unknown,
Is that an indication that we’re lost,
Or does it mean we’re moving towards a place,
That we’ll find at any cost,
There is no map to show the way,
It’s our instincts that push us through,
And I guess I’m lucky to finally see,
My path lies straight to you.
I had no one to talk to,
Had to figure out on my own,
Happy you’ve shown me where to go,
And what I’ve found with you has grown,
There is no place I’ve ever been more sure of,
No destination that I’ve needed more,
I finally see what love can be,
Now could you open my destination’s door.

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