Do You

To Marcy Howard

Does tomorrow look like yesterday,
Another day, the same old shit,
Does your day hold happiness,
Or are you always chasing it,
Do you ever read these poems,
Somehow, I know you do,
I can sense when you feel alone,
Because I feel lonely too.
Do you ever see a moonlit sky,
Its the same sky that I see,
Do you ever close your eyes,
And wish that love roamed free,
Do you hold that sparkling smile,
Or whisper when you’re alone,
As memory pulls at your heart,
In these arms, you’re always home.
Do you ever forget the pain,
That we both endure,
Do your efforts seem in vain,
As each day it just hurts more,
Do you believe the things we found,
Will live and never die,
Do you believe the love you see,
That YOU, put in my eye.
    You only!!!



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