To Marcy Howard

As the moon surely shines,
And as stars twinkle in the sky,
It seems an eclipse of the heart,
By your light is kept alive,
Though at night the darkness reigns,
The moon still shares its light,
And in an eclipse of the heart,
The day becomes the night.
While the moon exerts its will,
Shadows dance around,
And on a moonlit starry night,
Your light can still be found,
Thoughts of you become the stars,
The sun and moon are you,
And as they give their light to me,
In this eclipse you shine through.
Though at times the clouds obscure,
Those things we know are real,
The thoughts and memories kept inside,
Are the touch of light we feel,
Yet if the light is hard to find,
It lives inside the heart,
Illuminating the darkened path,
And substantiates loves start.
As the eclipse slowly wanes,
The light as always returns,
And those emotions in realized dreams,
Though eclipsed will always burn,
In the darkness or in the light,
Love comes shining through,
And through the duration of this eclipse,
My sun and moon are you!!!!!
            You Are!!!!



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