Even Now

To Marcy Howard

You really think I will believe, that to you I’m dead and gone,
But through your words and actions, the eyes don’t come along,
Inside you is a caring soul, inside you love is real,
But you give away yourself for others, you give away what you feel.
The respect I have for all you are, and for all the things you do,
Is far more than you have for yourself, far more than you give to you,
Though the past holds its scars, the future still is bright,
And maybe you’ll allow yourself, to see what’s in the light.
In no way am I judging you, and call me what you will,
With all the things that we’ve gone through, its you that I love still,
I am not love’s shining knight, through it all I’m just me,
But the things I found with you, are real if we let them be.
You know I’ve written letters and poems, with the letters never sent,
I’m not ashamed of how I feel, and time won’t make a dent,
I’ll wait for you for a thousand years,
though dead my heart will still beat,
It will beat for you Marcy, and this love death can’t defeat.



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