Follow the Leader


In your life do you choose a path,
That someone else has walked,
Following mere suggestion,
Just listening to how they talked,
Do your dreams take on a hue,
That is colored by another,
And are the things that you feel,
In essence somehow smothered.
Are your thoughts not your own,
Do you wonder which way to go,
Is the image that you see,
Ever allowed to show,
If you are another’s puppet,
Is your mirror’s image real,
Do you somehow remember,
What you really feel.
The hopes and dreams that you  have inside,
Are useless if not free,
How and when will you allow,
You to actually be,
The answer’s lie in each of us,
Not in the words we hear,
And that person in the mirror,
Need not be led by fear.
Our hopes and dreams sustain us,
With reality a bitter pill,
Because we’re never moving forward,
If controlled by another’s will,
Though obstacles lie before us,
There is so much we can do,
But only if we take the chance,
Of to ourselves being true.
Granted there are mistakes made,
The price we pay to learn,
Yet if we never take the steps,
Another’s reality we earn,
We hold the key to our self,
In the image we project,
But that person remains unseen,
If it’s ourselves that we reject.
Our hearts hold true to who we are,
But our minds confuse the issues,
Even though our hearts need care,
And suffer from our misuse,
Tears are cried but need not be,
If only we can start,
Following what we really feel,
Following what’s in our hearts.

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