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For Me a Gift


Christmas seems just another day,
Since I fell in love with you,
And the only gift I wish to have,
Is my dreams of you to come true,
Each year as time passes by,
This heart just needs you more,
And any effort to replace you,
Just reminds me what hope is for.
Tis the season to be jolly,
At least that’s what we’re told,
And it feels to be a simple thing,
To need you to hold,
At this holiday time of year,
For a time we care a little more,
While every night I close my eyes,
I have a dream of you in store.
We’re told it’s better to give than receive,
And we know that thought is right,
Because in my dreams I hold you close,
You give to me every night,
In darkness somehow I’m more alive,
In the night you are with me,
And the one thing to make daylight better,
Is this love for you to be free.
There are places we’d like to be,
And things we’d like to do,
But still the only things worthwhile,
Is the things I feel for you,
What more could I really want,
Since you freed this heart,
Dreams may crumble into pieces,
But love lives in those parts.
Christmas is that time of year,
When we’re more conscious of how others feel,
And as we reflect on all we have,
Love becomes even more real,
All the things we might possess,
In comparison seem to pale,
When we finally realize,
With love we can not fail.
With our eyes we can see,
But at times our sight grows blind,
If underneath our Christmas tree,
We’re consumed by what we’ll find,
These days every day is Christmas,
Because of the gift you gave to me,
Love lives inside the heart,
The love you gave for free.

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