For You A Dream


Dreams unfold before our eyes,
And hearts cling to the pieces,
Thinking back to things we found,
With this emotion that never ceases,
We see the things we want and need,
As we feel our inner desires,
Telling ourselves we’re doing fine,
While ignoring all the heart requires.
The curtain falls most every night,
And the stage is set for dreams,
Our tears become a waterfall,
Whose sound is drowned out by screams,
The darkness holds those shadows,
That are kept alive by our fears,
And in the madness of silence,
A heartbeat is all we hear.
In the silence of the night,
We awake to find we’re alone,
While the music playing in our heads,
Though silent seems a loud moan,
We awake reaching for a memory,
Whose ghost just will not die,
As a heart in so many pieces,
Just wishes it’s dreams could fly.
The head and heart do daily battle,
In a war the heart has already won,
The head says it’s all over,
While the heart says it’s just begun,
The head complains dreams are useless,
While the heart knows they are real,
The head survives on what it thinks,
And the heart lives on what it feels.
Those around might have lots to say,
But then you know they always do,
it’s not about what’s important to them,
It’s what the heart holds important to you,
Advice is always freely given,
Yet it might not be what’s right,
How comfortable do you really feel,
When you turn off your bedroom light.
Speaking with the voice of experience,
Some dreams just never end,
And if love becomes your common ground,
It’s those dreams that love defends,
No matter where you stand in life,
I’m standing right beside you,
Silence doesn’t kill our dreams,
Just makes our dreams and love stay true.

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