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Forged by Fire

to Marcy Howard

A fire rages in the soul, consuming heart and mind,
And as the smoke billows out, it blurs things once defined,
The smoke takes on an abstract face, but its familiar all the time,
While in the dreams alive at night, this face no longer mine.
As the heart is scorched and charred, it grows into something stronger,
And every day the fire burns, the nights grow even longer,
At times we try to extinguish the flame, our efforts to no avail,
While the fire etches the page, the mind still walks the same trail.
We wish at times the fire would cease, yet we know it never will,
Hoping at times the dream is gone, but each morning its burning still,
You might believe that fire destroys, but at times it can also create,
Forging resolve that’s strong as steel, as the heart lets the mind debate.
Each day the emotion is forged by fire, a fire that always burns,
As the soul reaches for, the woman who each night returns,
This fire burns brighter still, as does the need and desire,
And amid the smoke that billows out, lives love that’s forged by the fire.
.      You.



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