Freedom's Expiration

To Us

The structure now crumbles, or so its made to appear,
Their plan is real, to play on our fears,
The wheels have been turning, the brakes being disabled,
As big brother laughs, his agenda enabled,
Society crumbles, but its part of his plan,
To crush real freedom, to crush the free man.
We train our soldiers, to give their all, maybe die,
And when they come home, to their support, you wave good bye,
You tell them you’re happy, for their will to give all,
But when they need your help, you ignore their call,
We owe these soldiers, a debt we can’t repay,
So give them their help, take politics away.
We know police are needed, but there’s no free ride,
All life is precious, yet guilt they deny,
Facts are ignored, lady justice now cries,
Because control is the issue, and money decides,
Its no longer about justice, its now, Let’s make a deal,
As the smoke now billows, to hide what is real.
Information is controlled, on your citizens you spy,
Saying its security, but that’s just another lie,
Long ago freedom, became just a word,
As the carrot is dangled, and the truth is not heard,
Freedom still rings, but the people grow tired,
For now they can see, freedoms expired.



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