Half A Soul

To Marcy Howard

It seems that I have a dream, that no one wants to hear,
That I hold onto every day, so its not lost in a tear,
Just like anybody else, there are good days and there are bad,
Some were gone not soon enough, while others I wish I still had,
None of us have the option, to control them or to choose,
Yet in the days that I hold close, with faith I can not lose.
Some have called it unrealistic, some have said move on,
Some have said the things you had, now are completely gone,
Yet as they judge the situation, they ignore how I truly feel,
Believing that their perspective, is the only one that’s real,
Things were said and things were done, but I saw love in your eyes,
People can say just what they want, I see through their disguise.
I water my heart on my sleeve, I don’t care what others think,
The things I hold deep inside, keep me from the brink,
There is no giving up for me, though at times my faith might wane,
Sometimes there has to be release, from this waiting pain,
I was married but really alone, a disease took happy away,
But you were there with open arms, and I still thank you today.
Sure we all have made mistakes, all of us make our share,
But being human is who we are, doesn’t change the fact I care,
Call me crazy or what you wish, doesn’t change s thing,
You put love back in my life, yet its just myself I bring,
Thank you for saving a broken man, yet like this I’m still not whole,
Because without you in my life, I’m missing half my soul.
     Only you.



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