Hear and There


At times there are things we want so much,
That our common sense is eluded,
And in a certain chain of events,
Our selves are somehow deluded,
We look at things we’ve done without,
Never realizing how much they’re missed,
Shrouded in the past’s shadows,
That long sought after kiss.
At night we close our eyes to sleep,
And our path seems so unsure,
And when fate slaps us in the face,
It’s demeanor is so demure,
Dreams assault us as we sleep,
Some forgotten in the day,
With some remembered every moment,
Never to go away.
Though we look at the twists and turns,
At times wondering how we survive,
Things we think should disappear,
Become the things that keep us alive,
We might ignore the facts at times,
Ignoring the importance of what we feel,
Then the memories seem to scream out loud,
That love is still something real.
All those things important to us,
At times are hidden by our fears,
With no relief to be found,
In our sporadic flow of tears,
Certain thoughts we try to escape,
Not knowing what to do,
And as the confusion settles in,
What emotion do we find true.
Do we try to analyze,
The things we can’t understand,
And though we think it will go away,
The heart still exerts it’s demands,
In the process of trial and error,
On the path the heart clearly takes,
We see and feel all those things,
Including our own heartbreaks.
Through the smiles and broken dreams,
There are things held in high regard,
And all the things held in the heart,
Aren’t part of the broken shards,
The heart holds on with all it’s might,
To all it knows to be true,
Believing in all the things it’s found,
Most importantly all it found with you.

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