Heart Start


You were put into my life,
For a reason none can know,
And the more that I’m around you,
Something hidden seems to grow,
A wall was built with each scar a brick,
In an attempt to keep others out,
While the heart feels elated,
But the mind is full of doubt.
Inside we hold on to our pain,
We hold scars and at times feel lost,
Thinking the past all we have,
With a wounded heart the cost,
We force ourselves to believe,
That we can never give it all,
It seems the house of cards we built,
Just adds to the hidden wall.
The past could happen once again,
But is that something we control,
Happiness isnt lost in space,
We need it for our soul,
Our hopes and dreams and our desires,
Need not be pushed away,
If we can trust another’s heart,
What we had we have today.
We try to insulate ourselves from pain,
We try to hide it all,
But the fear of losing once again,
Just adds to the growing wall,
We try to force ourselves inside,
To pretend we do not care,
Yet it seems each day the mirror sees,
What we pretend is not growing there.
We say we want to be alone,
Yet our actions show we do not,
It’s just so hard to feel again,
Over time its what we forgot,
Now we try to convince ourselves,
There’s nothing here that’s real,
And if there’s nothing growing here,
What is it that we feel.
Time is not our ally,
It ages us every day,
And every day that we’re alone.
Is another chance we give away,
Maybe it’s to much to ask,
To be allowed another’s heart,
But if it’s possible in this life,
Could someone start this heart.

June 27th,2016

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