To Marcy Howard

I hope, this finds you, doing well;though, I wish, you were here, with me,
I, have never, cared so much;and the Caring’s, always free,
I, overlooked, so many things;but you didn’t, have to run,
For I know, deep in my soul;for me, you’re the, only one.
I, can only hope, you’re happy;and I, applaud, your sacrifice,
I only, want, to see, you smile;and forget, all the, advice,
I, can only speak;for, all, you’ve given, to me,
And though, anger, did things;past that, can you see?
I know, that, you love me;you know, I love you,
With you, I am happy;in all, that I, may do,
I know, a special lady;and, in her, I truly believe,
Just look, into my eyes;the eyes, do not deceive.
I hold you, each and every day;you’re never, far away,
I see you, when eyes, are closed;you’re here, with me, today,
I’ll always, love you, Marcy;no matter, where, you are,
And I, will keep on waiting;while hoping, you’re not to far.
I wish you, health and happiness;I know, I’m in your dreams,
I see you, when, I close my eyes;even when, the darkness seems,
I’m grateful, for every moment;for, its a moment, I might hear,
Your voice, softly whispering;my love, I’m finally here.
      IT IS REAL!!!



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