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To Marcy Howard

I’ve been sitting here holding out,
As before, that’s what we do,
While pain becomes our partner,
And the souls are torn in two,
The hearts become a beacon,
And it shows in both our eyes,
What we found was real,
No matter in what disguise.
I’ve made it hard to find me,
Made your face’s features all I know,
And the one thing that sustains me,
Is the love, you won’t let grow,
Everyone said I’m crazy,
And maybe they are right,
But I no longer search this world,
Because you are my dreams at night.
Though I love you and I need you,
And though you know I care,
Every day I want you more,
From inside every tear,
You made a profound impression,
One unaffected by time,
And all we need do, is close our eyes,
To feel, your hand holding mine.
   Love lives!!!!



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