To Marcy Howard

When you watch, the snow falling,
And feel loneliness, in the air,
Reach out, with your thoughts,
Smile, I’m right there,
And when a snowflake, touches your skin,
It’s me, touching you,
No matter, how you feel,
I’m with you in all you do.
You’re told, to keep me away,
And you’re told, how to feel,
One day your heart will overcome,
You’ll recognize, that we’re real,
You’ve left others choose your path,
Giving away you self,
But you’re the very person,
Who adds to personal wealth.
You are such a special woman,
The answer to my need,
Maybe you should trust your heart,
Not what you’re told to believe,
I can only imagine,
The pain that you bear,
But as you feel the loneliness,
I am right there.
You put your trust in me,
And I’m with you every day,
In all the things you do,
And in the words you never say,
I hold you in high regard,
I hold you in my night,
I hold you in my dreams, asleep,
I hold your inner light.
We are bound for this life,
So give me all your fears,
You already have who I am,
So no more lonely tears,
I hold the memory of your touch,
I hold the thought of your smile,
And in the need that we posses,
We hold each other, all the while.
       I Need You.



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