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To Eileen Conrad

It, is, the day, I’ll wave, the long good bye,
To a woman, that I love, as tears, fall from my eyes,
She fought, a valiant battle, and always, had a smile,
Add that to, that little laugh, a memory, for awhile.
Though, she knew the changes, that were, happening to her,
On she fought, holding life, and the memories, that did stir,
Both, her sons, were important, all family, as well,
Even though, it was hard for her, and memories, were a hell.
Love, was a banner, that always, she held high,
And it, will live, inside the tears, that fall, from saddened eyes,
She, would not, want sadness, she deserves, what she gave,
As we all, wave, good bye, from the pain, she’s finally saved.
Though, her memory, will live on, I know, there’s things, she’d want,
To remember, how, her little smile, chased the gloom, as memories haunt,
So, remember not, with sadness, and never, feel alone,
As the tears, fall down, your face, yet smiling, she’s finally Home.



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