I Can

To Marcy Howard

I can walk with you down a trail,
I can say I’m sorry too,
I can say I need you,
I can say you know it too.
I can taste your lips with memory,
I can touch you with a dream,
I can hold you til the morning light,
I can comfort you when you scream.
I can say I’m lucky,
I can say I’m glad,
I can see you on a cabin porch,
I can see the happiness had.
I can hold your hand,
I can stroke your jet black hair,
I can say I love you,
I can whisper in your ear.
I can keep you in my heart,
I can keep you in my head,
I can show you love is real,
I can love you in our bed,
I can do all these things,
I can do it with the color red.
I can dream every night,
I can say I understand,
I can give you all my love,
If only with dreams I can.
     Only you.



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