I Feel


I close my eyes to try to feel,
To escape this feeling numb,
Searching for self acceptance,
To forget the moments of dumb,
I still feel the things we found,
Though at times I was lost in guilt,
I changed into another man,
And razed the things we built.
I feel your arms wrapped around me,
At that moment the pain no longer exists,
No matter how much the mind protests,
Or how much the hearts resist,
I feel things I’m told are gone,
Yet in my heart I know they’re not,
The feeling hangs on and persists,
Though at times I wish that I forgot.
I feel pain from in the past,
As confusion took the stage,
While the man seen in the mirror,
Becomes the object of my rage,
I feel happy with thoughts of you,
Though you may hear that with disbelief,
But you can’t see my dreams of you,
Are my only measure of relief.
I feel the pain of being alone,
But then I hear your whispered voice,
And the loneliness quickly disappears,
While there’s no need for a choice,
I feel your touch late at night,
That time when my eyes can truly see,
I can feel your own lonely thoughts,
And I know you think of me.
I feel the pain I caused for you,
And these days I drown in my own,
As the memory of your whispered voice,
Is a fuel that makes love grow,
I feel your hand holding mine,
Making my heart remember clearly,
While I mark the passing days,
Celebrating what we found yearly.
I feel life pass before my eyes,
A movie that plays each day,
As somewhere in this broken heart,
The words I love you replay,
I feel something larger than life,
As the heart echoes that it’s real,
And every day when you fill my mind,
For you, it’s love I Feel.

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