I See You

To Marcy Howard

I see in you a clear blue sky;and the colors of a rainbow,
I am torn the same as you;but then, how could you know,
A woman torn somewhere inside;with a heart surely red,
Just look past the sated heart;and the voices in our head.
I see you as my reflection;the mirror to my soul,
As I’ve found my other half;the person that makes me whole,
And as time slowly passes;each day is something good,
While we need to hold each tight;knowing that we should.
I see you in my life ahead;and I hold you every day,
And even if its a thought I hold;its more than okay,
I see who I have and need;in this world its you I’ve found,
Ever since the day we met;your voice a needed sound.
I see you in my dreams;and can feel your presence near,
As I smell a faint perfume;the subtle scent of pear,
I see that I need you more;and each day love you still,
I see you in my heart;and Marcy, I always will
              ONLY YOU



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