I See

to Marcy Howard

If, you think, there’s nothing real, in the words, we said,
How could, I know, it was you, in the things, I read,
Through, those words, on the page, I feel, that it’s you,
And, those things, you talked about, we both know, are true.
As you see, I feel the same, while, I’m missing, your touch,
Realizing, through this pain, I need you, so very much,
Did you think, I wouldn’t know, the woman, in that reflection,
That your, pain, was also mine, would escape, my heart’s, detection.
The skeletons, that you hold, pale, compared, to mine,
And as, they slowly, dance about, we’re caught, in their design,
I need you back, in my arms, the place, we both, are free,
From the skeletons, evil grasp, whatever, that might be,
The words, you wrote, tell the tale, of your, hopes and fears,
We, can blend, all of them, we, can stop, the falling tears,
If we, trust, each other’s heart, to be there, when we need,
The skeletons, will lose, their hold, on this love, we breath.
I, have never, left, your arms, I still, hold you tight,
And I kiss you, every day, until the morning light,
This, is something real, the skeletons, will no longer be,
They’ve been hidden, in the dark, but with love, our hearts, can see.
                I know.You’re the only one, for me



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