I Wonder


Late at night when shadows call,
Are we together or are we alone,
Thinking of the days events,
For mistakes can we atone,
Our minds make up our reasons,
But the heart just doesn’t agree,
It’s then that we might wonder,
Is love the thing we see.
I wonder how you’re doing,
If your smile still survives,
I wonder if this beating heart,
Is somehow still alive,
I wonder if the blood inside,
Which pumps through body and brain,
Contains all our hopes and dreams,
Love’s telltale stain.
I wonder if the beating heart,
Has traded places with the mind,
Hoping that in the reversal,
It’s your arms that I find,
I wonder if the sunshine,
Now sleeping in the night,
Can get lost in the darkness,
While searching for your light.
Darkness is a familiar thing,
But in light seems far away,
And I wonder if this cycle,
Is the place where memories play,
I wonder if this repeating path,
Is a circle with no end,
Or is it all some sort of test,
To see if love we will defend.
I wonder if you think of me,
Or pretend that you forgot,
Does that make the emotion found,
Another lesson taught,
I wonder if it’s possible,
To have and hold a dream,
That comes alive every night,
The heart’s moisturizing cream.
As the eyes begin to grow heavy,
With the sleep that soon might come,
I wonder if the dream will visit,
In the shadows of what we’ve begun,
I wonder when I’ll hold you close,
But realize I already do,
The emotion lives in day or night,
While I wonder where are you!

August 7th,2016

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