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If One Day

To Marcy Howard

If one day you think of me, stop and look around,
I’m living in the things you see, I live in what we found,
I’m the breeze that whispers through, all the changing leaves,
I’m in the bark of a blue pit bull, I live in these memories.
If one day you walk a trail, walk it with a smile,
I live in the steps you take, I live hand in hand awhile,
I live in your memories, I live in your work each day,
I live in your dreams at night, I stay alive that way.
If one day you need support, remember I’m not far,
I live in the cards and poems, I live in a little green car,
I live within the roses, I live in the color red,
I live inside the starry night, I live within your bed.
If one day you feel lonely, stop and think of me,
I live in your hopes and dreams, I live in the love we see,
I live in the written words, I live in the love we found,
I live inside your dark brown eyes, I live inside your voice, now my only sound.



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