If Only


If only all my anguished cries,
Didn’t fall on deaf ears,
If only seeing your sparkling eyes,
Didn’t bring the scent of pears,
If only when I look at the sky,
I could see the color blue,
If only when I close my eyes,
It was more then a thought of you.
If only through the cold dark night,
I was held in your embrace,
If only the dreams somehow came true,
Instead of this daily chase,
If only the monsters in the dark,
Didn’t point out a path to you,
If only you could understand,
I was unsure of what to do.
If only all I see and feel,
Could be read inside blue eyes,
If only the pain would go away,
And happiness held no disguise,
If only I held more than a dream,
That this heart didn’t feel alone,
If only you could hear each heartbeat say,
Each beat’s just made love grow.
If only I never made mistakes,
A fantasy by itself,
If only the complications,
Accumulated as emotional wealth,
If only I could look at you,
And see that sparkling smile,
If only the tears that have fallen,
Would let me hold you for awhile.
If only I slept the whole night through,
Without hearing your whispered voice,
If only keeping love alive,
Came with some sort of choice,
If only you could read these poems,
And at times I know you do,
If only you could somehow know,
I’m drowning without you.
If only these emotions on paper,
Could speak their devotion out loud,
If only smouldering dark brown eyes,
Could reveal what they’re not allowed,
If only I could hold you close,
That the dream didn’t have to wait,
If only we didn’t have to think,
That alone with love is our fate....
                  ......if only.

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