I'm Sorry

to Marcy Howard

All of us, have regret, for things, that might have been,
Regardless, of the circumstance, or what state, your heart is in,
Marcy, I can, say to you, that, I love you still,
And with the things, that you gave me, you know, I always will.
I could never, judge you, though, you think, I might,
Maybe, I deserve, this pain, that haunts me, through the night,
One thing, is for certain, and I think, you would agree,
I believe, in who you are, I hope, your heart, runs free.
I’m sorry, for hurting you, never, was it, my intent,
To push, away, the one, I love, my angel, heaven sent,
Just like I, I know you feel, a sense, of burning loss,
And through, my insensitivity, your broken heart, my cost.
I would ask, for another chance, to prove, it wasn’t a lie,
After all, what we have, is something, that won’t die,
You might think, I’m crazy, and at times, you’re probably right,
You’re the dream, that comes, to me, each and every night.
I, am deeply sorry, let me, show you, this is real,
Because, I know, it’s the same way, that you feel,
Let me bring, a smile, ease, both our pain,
For, it seems, the future, is, what we have to gain,
Please, accept, my apology, maybe, you can forgive,
Because even a person, just like me, needs, their heart, to live,
Without you, in my life, I’m nothing close, to complete,
Let our love, grow again, this loneliness, defeat.
I am yours, forever more, bound, by this emotion,
You have, all I am, and all of my, devotion,
I did not turn, my back and run, I, was pushed away,
Yet, I ask for your, forgiveness, each and every day.
         a chance, that’s all I ask.



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