To Marcy Howard

I’ve traveled all over this country,
Searched it far and wide,
To find someone who understands,
The things I hold inside,
Finally the search was over,
After many, many years,
Yet now she’s buried in the ground,
Along with all the tears.
But while she slowly slipped away,
The pain just grew and grew,
And as the storm clouds gathered,
That’s when I found you,
A life preserver, in a sea of pain,
With love that’s only grown,
Two souls that finally found their mates,
Yet here we drift alone.
All the places that we’ve been,
Get lost inside the ticking clock,
When you left, you took my heart,
And time won’t seem to stop,
Looking at a gravesite now,
At times a painful sight,
We were shown the things we were,
Surrounded, yet still the lonely nights.
Some never get to travel,
Some will never open a book,
In the shadow of what we found,
Is it our dreams that we mistook,
Its sure love lives inside of us,
But is it something we should hide,
I’m grateful for what we found together,
Even if its held inside.



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