Into the Fall of Darkness


I have those moments in my day,
When memories come to call,
Times that nothing seems enough,
When darkness covers all,
In the corner of my mind,
Lives a shimmering shining light,
Even when the world lies dark,
Immersed in the deep dark night.
The sun rises in the morning,
With no comfort for the dark,
And nowhere do we see the signs,
Because inside it’s left it’s mark,
Every thought and every action,
Moves towards a common goal,
To somehow stop the emotional flow,
That emanates from a giant hole.
Can darkness fall inside a heart,
Being put there by the mind,
And if I’m lost somewhere inside,
Is hope all I can find,
Can darkness even kill the belief,
That all we need is love to feel,
Making thew mind and heart believe,
That love is something real.
We close our eyes and see the darkness,
Interspersed with dots of light,
Darkness clouding the very sun,
When inside it’s always night,
The darkness may surround us,
But still I live and breathe,
As love becomes the only thing left,
In which I still believe.
You can have tons of money,
Yet be miserable just the same,
When happiness lives in the silence,
That whispers out her name,
In the darkness fears come alive,
But the heart has already won,
That emotion held somewhere inside,
Becomes the only thing worthwhile we’ve done.
The landmarks of the daylight,
In the darkness are surely gone,
And through the tears of days of pain,
Love still rides along,
The treasures found in a life time,
Still shines whether held or not,
It lives in the pieces of a heart,
In a place that the darkness forgot.

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