Kneeling For.....

To Marcy Howard

At times a cage surrounds the heart,
As memories become like bars,
There is no way to break the chains,
If its forged by long held scars,
At times the cage is welcome,
But its bars morph into walls,
And all the talk now silent,
As alone becomes the call.
As the walls grow higher,
You can not see the man inside,
While he holds a dream aloft,
And the emotion he can not hide,
It seems the wall has a door,
Useless without the key,
Without you to open the door,
The heart resists it’s need.
Every day that passes by,
Is a day of pleasure and pain,
A smile with the thought of you,
With emptiness aimed at insane,
To say I need you is an understatement,
Without you the soul is split,
And holding only memories,
Makes nightmares the current fit.
But even though the walls grow high,
With you life was found,
And though I stand in pouring rain,
Your voice is my only sound,
The walls may hide the man inside,
And they may hide any love that’s real,
Though I hold you only in dreams,
It’s at the foot of love I kneel.
     Love lives!



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