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Sometimes we travel many miles,
To search for things we already hold,
Through the desert’s searing heat,
Through the mountains numbing cold,
We question why we’re always lost,
Does direction apply today,
Are we assisted by our image,
Or does that image get in the way.
We look for evenings full of life,
Though the darkness dulls the senses,
And where is it that we’re sitting,
On which side of the fences,
Is the path you follow only yours,
Or is there no idea of direction,
Do our hearts reveal the way,
Or does it somehow escape our detection.
Does the person seen in the mirror,
Appear to be someone real,
Or are we somehow wondering,
If the image seen can feel,
Do you know what it’s like,
To have but not to hold,
As the image seen just laughs at you,
That the heart was somehow sold.
Do you know what’s important,
Is it something other than yourself,
Does your ego support the image,
Or is it propped up with your wealth,
What things do you find are needed,
To help you love and grow,
Do you continue looking for,
Those answers that life won’t show.
Lofty dreams with lofty ideals,
Yet is it just a donkey’s chase,
Trying to catch that carrot,
That lure you can’t erase,
Is music ever playing,
When you hang your head to cry,
An epitaph from society,
That’s just another lie.
Can it be enough to know,
That you hold love in your heart,
Even though each day is hell,
The sole reason that we’re apart,
Every night I’m glad to know,
That love’s already found,
And every day I’m glad to be sure,
That love is forever’s sound.

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