To Marcy Howard

When there are days, when the world seems dark,
Never feel like you’re alone,
Because no matter how bad it gets,
Hold on to those you’ve known,
There are always much worse things,
You must overcome the day,
For there are times in our lives,
When the past. becomes the color gray.
Suppose you find someone special,
But fear makes them run to the past,
Yet deep inside, in your soul, your needs overcome at last,
Somehow you’re left all alone,
But life proves that thought wrong,
For you carry them forever more,
In your hearts singular song.
Sometimes things you already have,
Seem better than those you desire,
But if not happy where you are,
Is what you have what you require,
I need this woman who seems a ghost,
She’s in each and every thought,
And in the ticking of the clock,
That need is all I’ve got.
      I Need You.



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