Leaves With Soul


Golden leaves sway back and forth,
Stirred by a gentle breeze,
Rainbows softly moving,
A sea of color all we see,
Hiking to a special place,
To a place in memory,
These colors mirrors of things inside,
Love’ s pure reverie.
The forest’s garb changes for winter,
It sheds its summer clothes,
And as the leaves fall to the ground,
They cover the path that shows,
Though our environment changes,
These colors show nature’s intent,
Dreams take on another form,
Desires we can’t prevent.
This gentle breeze seems to take away,
The clothes belonging to trees,
As past and future fall away,
Hidden amongst the leaves,
Sitting on a mountaintop,
Watching the leaves move in waves,
Trees seeming to dance together,
With the things our heart saves.
Though the forest is changing,
Life lives underneath,
A book with a deceptive cover,
That hides our inner beliefs,
Leaves may fall to the ground,
But they’re preparing for the next year,
And if falling leaves mirror emotion,
Is it happiness or falling tears.
It’s clear the scenery’s changing,
Yet so much is the same,
The leaves a mirror of memory,
A reminder of a name,
Soon the trees will be totally bare,
But life still exists inside,
And just like the changing seasons,
From love we can not hide.
Leaves might change their color,
While temperatures will slowly drop,
And like the life soon hidden,
Love we can not stop:-),
Wjile on this lofty mountain perch,
Gazing at a rainbow of leaves,
Love survives inside the heart,
And in you this heart believes.

November 12th,2016

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