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Life and Death

To Marcy Howard

If I die tomorrow, I know you’d still be mine,
All the thoughts held at that point, the sentence for loves crimes,
In this life emotions live, held together by our dreams,
As the locomotive of time, moves on without its steam,
Though the heart would stop its beat, and the eyes would surely close,
Love would live in the heart, as the mind already knows.
There would be no past or present, dreams would all come true,
Mind and heart might be dead, but these arms would always hold you,
The final thought the brain would have, is how lucky I have been,
Love could not be taken away, the heart would finally win,
Our dreams would become reality, forever its you I’d hold,
Memories would be the light, and we’d be sheltered from the cold.
Though it might seem morbid, we’d live inside the heart,
Our minds no longer pushing away, from love, no longer apart,
Death itself is not the answer, yet love remains the key,
All those things that were found, would be the things that set us free,
While we live the things we hold, sometimes have a cost,
But until the day that death arrives, this love will not be lost.
.       Still you!



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