Love Preserver

to Marcy Howard

At those times of gloom or despair, we reach for our love preserver,
Thoughts of her soothe the soul, though I probably don’t deserve her,
As we hold on in an unkind sea, to who else could I turn,
Treading water for days on end, as the sunlight starts to burn.
A floating soul amongst humanity, an island with no base,
Kept alive by will alone, with only what we couldn’t erase,
A sharks the fear that could attack, opinions the blowing wind,
And though there’s no one else around, the soul still wears a grin.
Love provides a life preserver, which keeps his heart alive,
And as the night time slowly falls, his memories soon arrive,
His only direction where the currents go, with this love he will not drown,
Yet if she’s not in his life, will he forever  float around.
Love saves him from the icy depths, and it’s something he can’t let go,
With words the rope that pulls him in, from the depths below,
Days go by he can not sleep, as his eyes see only one thing,
The light that sparkles from her eyes, and the happiness that she brings.
Hold on to love with all your might, don’t let it float by,
Because if your heart floats in the sea, you either hold on or love soon dies,
Though floating through the sea of mankind, the sun still rises clear,
But will I float forever more, or will her voice I hear.
        LOve lives Marcy



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