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Love's Dance

to Marcy Howard

I, can only, wonder, what, she’s doing now,
As the dream, sometime’s, a nightmare, yet, it still, lives, somehow,
It always, holds, assumptions,,and questions, never posed,
Wrapped around, the skeletons, who, in our lives, repose.
You’re, used to people, giving up and walking away,
But, I’m here, to tell you, I’m here, to stay,
You try, to make me hate you, pretend, that love’s a lie,
Yet, you don’t believe it, and it shows, in your eyes.
If you, really, think of it, this, came from the blue,
As you, speak, of the madness, it was both, me and you,
We tried, to keep, our prior lives, in, a little box,
And when, it became, to much to bear, you put in, a lock.
All, the effort, that you exert, shows, a hidden truth,
We, are both imprisoned, by the events, of our youth,
Though, I you, and I know, you love me,
Just give me, a chance, to prove, to make you see.
I profoundly, apologize, for all, the things, I’ve done,
Allow me, to take your hand, again, to walk, in the morning sun,
In the future, I can feel, I’ll be  given, one last chance,
To prove, there is no reason, to lose faith, in our love’s dance.



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