Love's Touch

to Marcy Howard

If, in this life, you’re lucky enough, to feel, love’s, gentle touch,
Will you, accept it, for what it is, or analyze, to much,
Can you let it, drive your heart, flood, both mind and soul,
Or will it, find you, unfulfilled, feeling, less than whole.
Love, is not forced, and it never, can be made, to die,
But nothing, in life is perfect, and love, is never a lie,
It can not be made, to understand, The heart, already knows,
That, as the tear, rolls down, your cheek, love, will only grow.
If you recognize, the fact, that it’s, something real,
What, may happen, to this love, if you deny, the things you feel,
One thing, that I’ve found, in life, a lesson, that I’ve learned,
Love is something, you can not buy, it’s something, that you earn.
Once love enter’s, into your life, if real, it’s there, to stay,
It can never, ever die, it never, gets in the way,
Love, can overcome, it all, it never, love’s to much,
And no matter, what you think, you’re lucky, to feel love’s touch.
        White sands.....and love.



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