Memories Ride

To Marcy Howard

I ride this memory into the land,
Of shadowed dreams and death,
Mortally wounded by the words,
I hear with every breath,
Watching as the shadows grow,
Though its day there is no light,
Believing that the memories real,
Through these endless nights.
As the moments pass with speed,
Can we outrun that night,
When the dreams were surely born,
On this trip into the light,
Do the bridges we try to burn,
Determine what’s to be,
Or are the things that we found,
Lost in what we see.
This ride becomes a picture show,
A nightmare in the mind,
Fueled by all the memories,
And the destination we design,
The things we found are all those things,
That drive our beating hearts,
Through a journey that ends with death,
As assumptions end the start.
And as we slowly ride this ride,
With the destination in the past,
All the most important things,
We pass by and can not grasp,
Though we travel this memory,
Our differences are the same,
And as I ride these memories,
My destination is your name.
      Only you Marcy!!
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