Midnight's Masquerade

To Marcy Howard

The day time holds its sights and sounds,
Yet the day is life’s charade,
As every day life passes by,
In a never ending parade,
Though some associate the night, With darkness and with death,
The light needs the dark to live,
Needs it for its very breath.
When the sunset takes the sky,
Though the darkness seems to stir,
And when that darkness cones alive,
Is it tot our dreams that we refer,
We need not fear the darks embrace,
Though while sleeping dreams haunt the mind,
Yet sometimes in the light,
There are no dreams to find.
Though the midnight extends its hand,
And moment can hold pain,
And it can hold a real role,
If the past whispers through the rain,
Darkness is both evil and good,
The attitude is society’s charade,
Living in our hopes and dreams,
The face of, midnights masquerade.
Daylight is more the time to fear,
If nightmares become your for,
But the one thing that condemns them both,
Are the past fears we allow to grow,
The heart can produce a darkness,
Within memories endless parade,
Making the light a partner,
To the role of Midnights Masquerade.
     Only you!!!



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