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My Answer's Name

To Marcy Howard

Through our lives we never think;it will happen to me,
As we continually analyse;what tbe cause might be,
Constantly we’re inundated;with the figures and facts,
Behaving in a certain way; conditioned to react.
A life slowly fades;yet never becomes less,
While the heart still beats;another heart, is blessed,
As we try to determine;when it all night end,
The error is in that thought;memory does not end!
If we’re told;life goes on;o matter what occurs,
As your heart holds the key;to what lock with you refer,
So many things are required;to taste true elation,
Yet the most important thing;is missing from your creation,
There is no explanation;for the most important things,
Yet how can you evaluate;what my lice might bring,
As you constantly look;will you see what you pass,
Or are your dreams littered;with your heart’s broken glass.
Answers may elude you;might even have a disguise,
And in your recognition; your heart can not deny,
The answer that you overlook; is one already seen,
My answer’s name is Marcy;she’s the answer I need.



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