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Nature Knows

To Marcy Howard

All, the snow, we’re getting now;is, Mother nature’s way,
Of, telling us, something’s wrong;the stars, aren’t right, today,
She senses, all, our moods and pain;and this snow, is her sign,
Two people, are apart; two souls, are undefined.
The snow, bathes, all you see;but there’s so much, underneath,
Another way, the world, is seen;a knife, still in, its sheath,
Mother nature, has, her way;but she’s showing, something’s wrong,
Though, the music’s silent;we still, can sing our song.
Though, it’s cold and snowing hard;there’s a heat, from our need,
Right now, it’s mind and soul;as love’s, a flowering seed,
Soon, the rains, will come along;it mirrors, our souls pain,
As mother nature, sits and laughs; while thinking we’re insane.
We hold our hearts, in our hands;with clouds, our fear and doubt,
For, finding soulmates, is so rare;but, we’ve learned, what loves about,
Inside, every rain drop, and under, every flake,
Lives something, you thought, was gone; but mother nature knows, won’t break.



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