Never Hide

to Marcy Howard

I know, you feel as I do, But have things, that must be done,
You have, my total acceptance, you see, you are my sun,
What skeleton, is walking, why are you, filled, with fear,
Does the skeleton, also talk, does he, whisper, in your ear.
Maybe the skeleton, isn’t real, or it’s made enormous, in size,
Just remember, you’re my, everything, and it lives, in both our eyes,
Let me help.you conquer, your fears, concerning me,
And all those, dancing skeletons, that prevent, love being free.
Just like me, I’m sure you know, through, that wavering hope,
No matter, what the truth, may be, love, will help us cope,
You determined, without me, how, I would behave,
Never, giving me a chance, to see, what we can save.
You might think, I let you down, but in that thought, you’re wrong,
As, you never, talked to me, the truth, swept right along,
The answers, that you search for, are behind, these sad, blue eyes,
And as, this love’s forever, there’s no need, for good byes.
Unconditional love, that does not, have an end,
Resides, in both our hearts, as the light descends,
You see, I have those skeletons, locked away, inside,
So in, you fears, you’re not alone, but we can’t defeat them, if you hide.



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