Late at night when the light’s turned low,
And my tired body lays down to rest,
I hope my dreams will come to me,
Ease the pain inside my chest,
I close my eyes just to get away,
From the things I’ve been denied,
Only to see that very thing,
Though hidden lives inside.
Each day becomes an exercise,
In not having what I need most,
Seemingly left forever outside,
Without a view of the coast,
The real world becomes a hell,
A place where dreams seem dead,
Yet love survives buried inside,
Locked in the heart and the head.
There is no need for a direction,
If the important things live and breathe,
As the path lying before me,
Just seems an attempt to deceive,
The heart belongs to someone,
But the head contains whispered voices,
That seem to question what I need,
And second guess our choices.
Late at night there’s amazing clarity,
Is there a reason behind that thought,
As dreams become the reality,
That each night the stars have caught,
Love shines through the darkness,
Subdued somehow in the light,
And the daylight screams the reality,
Love lives through every night.

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