Now and Then

To Marcy Howard

Life is now divided,
Into supposedly equal parts,
Events that occur today,
And those from the past between two hearts,
While every once and awhile,
Hearts are awakened from their sleep,
As now is lost somewhere inside,
The then’s we seem to keep.
Happiness may be hidden,
Behind the promises of yesterday,
While today’s tomorrows,
Are a now that’s in the way,
Maybe then becomes more pleasant,
If it seems that now is gone,
As the past influences today,
And tomorrow doesn’t come along.
Now doesn’t mean so much,
If it sends tomorrow to its grave,
As all the thens we remember,
Are all that’s left to save,
For a time now was here,
But then is now the dream,
While the thoughts of a heart,
Define what now and then mean.
        Only you!



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