On and On


With your absence there is longing,
That I wish would go away,
But every night I am reminded,
That love came in to stay,
Though there are moments we all hang on to,
Sometimes we seem to forget,
Emotion lives inside our hearts,
And we feel it living yet.
There are times we live our dreams,
But at times we can only seek,
And the effort expended to hold on to them,
Leaves us tired and weak,
Inside effortless innuendoes,
That describe the broken dreams,
Hope and faith carry us on,
And they flow in endless streams.
We grow used to hanging on,
But what emotions have we sold,
It’s so much harder to look forward,
When your bed’s alone and cold,
Within the nightmares in the darkness,
We have and we have not,
Our dreams visit in pieces,
As we tell ourselves we forget.
Letting go takes less effort,
And believing becomes our all,
Especially when the dreams you hold,
Make it harder to stand than fall,
Love is an effortless emotion,
It lives with a natural flow,
Even though it lives inside,
And we pretend it doesn’t show.
If you believe that love is real,
Other’s may not even know,
And every moment you hold it tight,
With that effort it only grows,
The world may think you’re crazy,
Unbelieving it can be so profound,
But love is kept alive by the heart,
On and on without sound.
It’s not what’s important to others,
It’s the things in which you believe,
And if love is what you hold onto,
It is more than what others see,
If each day in you it only grows,
There’s the knowledge it’s never gone,
And each and every night in dreams,
That love goes on and on.

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