Our Heart's Voice

To Marcy Howard

There is no reason to be afraid;for you see I’m just like you,
Both of us are people;in the hells that we go through,
Inside our hells lives heaven;yet we reject it out of fear,
Lost in contemplation; as our hearts exert their cheer.
Though the voices in our hearts;become a whisper over time,
You forever have this heart;and I know that yours is mine,
While getting lost is easy;need showed us the way,
And as I read a letter sent;the words are real each day.
Now there is a purpose;for the endless sleepless nights,
Someone that’s worth the effort;someone worth the fight,
We found what we thought lost;now we’re never alone,
For even if in solitude;the emotion’s only grown.
Hearts do not tell lies;as our hearts held out their voice,
Now we hold on to each;no longer with a choice,
There can be a thousand miles; that desperate our souls,
While these individual hearts;combined to make one whole.
Just like a jigsaw puzzle;only one piece will fit,
As the pictures made complete;love’s fabric will not rip;
Inside our hearts love’s alive;no matter what might be,
As this heart loves you still;and your heart speaks to me.
      Only you!



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