To Marcy Howard

There are days when I sit back, and remember for awhile,
A time when the memories stir, held together with a smile,
A time when things we found, completed lonely lost souls,
As we didn’t speak of the halves, that robbed us of the whole,
Just think of a remembered smile, its features in the mind,
While every day we look for it, that’s how our needs designed.
Remembering all the things in life, that brought us to this place,
The past reached out to pull us back, is the future now erased,
Memories of past events, with the scars that run so deep,
Echoes of our dreams at night, that we always seem to keep,
Now matter how hard we push them down, the hearts force them to rise,
And as the faces circulate, look for torn blue eyes.
Each day I feel like giving up, on some days resolve grows thin,
And even though it seems we lost, each day we really win,
I trust in you and always have, ever since our first kiss,
And as the time passes by, each day its you I miss,
I am waiting here for you, and I may wait here all alone,
That’s OK because with what we found, we have something to call our own.
      Love lives.



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